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Whether you can answer a definite yes or an uncertain no, the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance (LOSFA) is here to help! Start with your strengths; explore turning what you love to do into something you get paid to do. View details » The State of Louisiana is proud of its college savings plan, which is a “Qualified Tuition Plan” under Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code. Do you know what you want to do after high school or are you unsure of what's next for you? Executive Director Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance TOPS (Taylor Opportunity Program for Students) is a program of state scholarships for Louisiana residents who attend either one of the Louisiana Public Colleges and Universities, schools that are a part of the Louisiana Community and Technical College System, Louisiana approved Proprietary and Cosmetology Schools or institutions that are a part of the Louisiana Association of Independent Colleges and Universities.Some services are only offered to Medicaid recipients because of their age, family situation, transfer of resource requirements or other living arrangements. If you click on a service listed on this page, you can find out: Before you receive a service, you should ask your doctor or provider about limits to receiving the service or if the service needs to be “prior authorized.” (“Prior authorized” means Medicaid has to agree to pay for the service before it can be offered to a patient.) Just because a service is not on the list does not mean that Medicaid will not cover it.Call the contact listed for the service group in question if a service is not listed.

The list below includes things Louisiana Medicaid will cover in some or all cases.

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LOSFA's toolswill help you Unlock Your Future with these five questions: Our team has an exciting slate of events and tools to help you discover your match. Feel free to reach out by text, social media, phone, email or in person. The Student Tuition Assistance and Revenue Trust Program, commonly referred to as the "START Saving Program," is an innovative college savings plan designed to help families contend with the growing costs of educating their children after high school.

We believe the key to your future is you and know that you can count on us to help! The program is administered by the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance, under the direction of the Louisiana Tuition Trust Authority.


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