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t will take decades for scholars and forensic anthropologists to tell us what to think about the year 2016.

Police were tipped off by store employees, who noticed the package was improperly sealed and exuded a strong marijuana odor.

his blue eyes, brown hair and beaming smile, young Michael Delefortrie looked every inch the angelic altar boy.

But fast forward twenty years, and Michael had changed his name to Younnes, traded his Christian faith for Islam, and the sleepy Belgian suburb he’d grown up in for the front lines of ISIS’ war in Syria.

I considered posting on Stack Overflow, but the question strikes me as being far too subjective since I can't think of a reasonable technical explanation for Microsoft's choice in this matter.

But this question has bugged me for so long and the issue keeps coming up in one of my projects, and I have never actually seen an attempt at explaining this: Open GL uses a right-handed coordinate system, where the Z part of the world coordinate system extends toward the viewer.


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