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Emery, 17, who recently became Hillsborough County's all-time leading scorer in girls basketball, was highly recruited and signed in November to play at Tulane.

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These are your opportunities”—and the question always comes up: “Are you going to be there?

Photo by Jay Janner/Austin American-Statesman The large pink cupcake that sits atop the Hey Cupcake trailer on S. is getting new icing and sprinkles according to business owner Wes Hurt, not pictured here.

“It wil be in place tomorrow morning before we open for business.” said Hurt.

It’s a roller-coaster ride, and everything you do is scrutinized. If I’d been able to write the script, certainly I would have had us win a national championship and then say, “I’m done.” But you know what?

If that had happened, I might have felt an urge to go forward. It’s about the student athletes—it was in the beginning and continues to be.


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