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Not entirely out of character, the Wu Tang rapper cancelled at the last moment, which left White and a bunch of musicians hanging around with nothing else to do except work up a couple of ideas he’d been toying with for a while.That day, White says, he recorded three songs, including a shit-kicking homage to James Booker called “Trash Tongue Talker”, and embarked on a trajectory that culminates this month with the release of his first solo album, the rich, nuanced and thoroughly entertaining Blunderbuss. v=e TW6y Knm O08 “With The White Stripes, I wanted to have a new blues,” he says.And what was the catalyst that invoked such a visceral response?Well, it was Jack White’s very first time ever playing in Jacksonville (with ANY of his bands) so, perhaps as an apology for having skipped the North Florida city for so many years, he gifted the crowd with the song that started it all: “Fell in Love with a Girl.” Dating back to 2001’s White Blood Cells this was the song that erupted the then-unknown Detroit duo The White Stripes into the stratosphere. Buried inside of a studio set blanketed by blue light, the maestro who famously never makes a setlist – preferring to fly by the seat of the moment – conducted his band through a fan’s dream set that played heavily on White Stripes tunes including “Dead Leaves and Dirty Ground” and a nakedly heartfelt “Same Boy You’ve Always Known.” A smoldering performance of “Icky Thump” that transitioned into Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” and back again kicked off the night’s encore and was so seamless that many may have missed it, or not even noticed that a Jack White riff just danced with a Jimmy Page riff and made sweet sweet love.

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Blues singers and people who are singing on stage have the same feelings and emotions that someone who is called to be a priest might have." Fortunately for fans of rock and roll, White eventually chose not to join the clergy but to pursue his other true calling — music — instead.The first new music we heard was the instrumental track "High Ball Stepper," which White said was the result of editing together three different live performances.You can stream below: The Tour White's playing a mixture of mid-sized theaters and festivals this summer, including hometown shows at Detroit's Fox Theatre and Masonic Temple Theatre on July 27-28, and headlining gigs at New York City's Governors Ball on June 7, Bonnaroo on June 14, Forecastle Festival in Louisville, K. on July 19 and Osheaga Arts Festival in Montreal on August 1-3.Billie Joe Armstrong posted this #TBT photo of his five-year-old self in a recording studio, sharing that he and his Green Day band mates would later hit the same studio 16 years later to record their classic album Dookie.The way Jack White tells it – though historically, his relationship with the truth can be a little capricious – his solo career started by accident.Lucky Screams (Meg/Jack/a bit of Jamie Hince from The Kills) Axe For Cork Extraction (Multi-Chaptered) (Jack/Meg and Jamie/Alison from The Kills) Edinburgh (Jack/Meg) Moonage Daydream (Jack/Meg) Touching Yourself (Jack/Jamie Hince from The Kills) In the pines, in the pines (Jack/Jamie Hince from The Kills) Alone in my kitchen (Jack/Karen Elson) Midnight Potatoes (Jack/Jamie Hince from The Kills) I Can't Wait (Multi-Chaptered) (Jack/Meg) Before The Stripes (Multi-Chaptered) (Jack/Meg) Leith (Jack/Meg) The Blunderbuss Angel said The Union is Forever (Jack/Jamie Hince) Photo Booth Fanfiction (Alison/Jack) Path (Alison/Jack) Dance, Dance, Dance, We Will Not Be Moved By It (Alison/Jack) Axe For Cork Extraction (Multi-Chaptered) (a bit of Alison/Jack) The Killer Stripes (Jack/Alison/Jamie Hince from The Kills) Wild Charms (Alison/Jack) You Know I Look Like A Woman (Alison/Jack) 5th February 2012 (Alison/Jack) Let's Not Know What Love Is (Alison/Jack) Touching Yourself (Jack/Jamie Hince from The Kills) Open Box (Alison/Jack) Light Upon The Dance Floor (Alison/Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys) In the pines, in the pines (Jack/Jamie from The Kills) Alone in my kitchen (Jack/Karen Elson) I didn't use the glow in the dark condoms because I was too embarrassed in front of my not yet dating girl (Alison/Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys) Schizomilk (Multi-Chaptered)(a bit of Alison/Jack) Last Day Of Magic (Alison/Joshua Hayward from The Horrors) Lesbian Vacuum (Alison) You Make The Cherries Go Sour (Alison/Alexa Chung) We Start Making Love That Night (Alison/Jack) Midnight Potatoes (Jack/Jamie Hince from The Kills) 43 cigars on the way back (Alison/Jack) I Can't Wait (Multi-Chaptered) (Jack/Alison) Jack's Gun (Jack/Alison) Red Barrels (Jack/Alison) Pale Blue Eyes (Multi-Chaptered) (Alison/Agyness Deyn) Broken Black Varnish Requiem (Multi-Chaptered) (Jack/Alison/Alex Turner) She drains the sun.


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