Slackware updating

Some of the features of slackpkg include automated package installation, upgrading and searching.

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It automatically computes dependencies and figures out what things should occur to install packages.

After upgrading the packages, don't forget to edit your /etc/file accordingly and run: to inform the bootloader about the kernel upgrade; or use the tool of your choice to update and reinstall the bootloader. This will copy the new kernel and if applicable the to the correct subdirectory in /boot/efi First it will ask if you wish to "Install ELILO on the EFI System Partition". Then it asks if you want to "install a boot menu entry".

If you just want to boot into Salix, it is ok to choose yes for this, but if you are using r EFInd or grub to multi-boot, select no; the existing configuration should continue to work, giving you the same options as before.

I use Swaret and some cron scripts to keep my servers current automatically.

Download the stable version (1.6.2, from October 2004) or the development version of Swaret and rename the downloaded file so that you can install it using installpkg: Next, set the version of Slackware you wish to keep on your computer. Current is the most up-to-date version, and it may be unstable and could pose problems, but it should be easier to upgrade to the next version when it rolls out.


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